Welcome to … the Grobania Olympics!

We here at FYJG are proud to announce the Grobania Olympics. In true fashion, we will be awarding a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal to the Grobanites that have proven themselves in the sport of reblogging, retweeting, favoriting, and liking. 

Yes my fellow Grobanites… it is another contest

The medals (and most importantly, PRIZES!!) shall be awarded as follows:


  • Award: A Josh Groban t-shirt
  • Sport: Like this post. Seriously, that’s it. The winner of the Bronze medal shall be selected from the list of those that liked this post. Therefore, everyone will have one entry.


  • Award: The Noel CD
  • Sport: Twitter people… pay attention! This is for you!! Favorite the tweet promoting this post. Retweet it. Promote it. Retweet it again. Each retweet and favorite (this can only occur once) shall count as a separate entry. 


  • Award: A signed Illuminations mini-poster
  • Sport: Reblog this post. Go for it. However many times you want. It doesn’t matter. Each reblog is an entry. So have at it Grobies. 
  • Note: Likes of this post will not count as an entry in the race for the Gold medal.

Questions? Drop us a note in our ask box

Happy playing Grobies, and may luck be on your side!

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